Bolts Antique Tool Museum

3rd Saturday Presentations "ARE BACK"

"Remove the dust, but leave the rust."

       Bolt's Antique Tool Museum has on display over 12,000 of the most important tools ever invented and used by mankind. This make the Bolt's Tool Exhibit the only known museum of its kind in the world! This museum is a one of a kind asset to the people of Oroville, CA and its surrounding communities. BATM is bursting through the walls with, antique tool displays representing tools thought to be made by the Egyptians and the Roman Empire (thought to be dated 400 BC), tools representing the creation of 51 different railroads in the United States, antique gas pumps, a surprisingly interesting barbed wire collection, and so much more.

Founded by Carl "Bud" Bolt and supported by his wife Laila Bolt as a passion project in their family's garage, "Bolt's Antique Tool Museum" was founded officially in 2006. 

Thank you to all who have donated your time, energy, and financial resources to our beloved museum. These donations are a huge help toward our goal of becoming a self sufficient museum! 

Our museum succeeds on folks donating their time. Interested in volunteering? Best contact info here

             Having recently gone on a "date" with my Dad to Oroville to check out Bolt's Antique Tool Museum, I wanted to express my thanks to the city of Oroville, and Carl and Laila Bolt for their collective in providing a home for this immense tool collection. My Dad grew up on a farm and upon returning from WWII, he had his own construction business for 60 plus years. Thus, he has worked with many tools and farm implements over his 85 years of life. we had no idea that the Bolt collection would be so vast and inclusive of many different vocations. The appreciation for each tool's history was not lost on us as we meandered through the displays that represented different changes to tools as our nation moved industrially towards the future.

Carl S. "Bud" Bolt is such an asset to the museum, as he seemed to be a walking encyclopedia of tool history. The expertise and enthusiasm shown by "Bud" of not only the history of various tools and implements, but also their importance at the time is a patriotic nod to our forefathers for their vision of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." A pat on the back for a job well done recognizing the importance of the Bolt Antique Tool Museum to not only educate younger generations, but also honor the hard work and dedication of prior generations.I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Daria (Zanetta) Harrison, Modesto CA

   1650 Broderick Street, Oroville, CA 95965                                                              (530) 538-2528


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