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TLC0110 What Is It Tool Deep box or fixed socket style 7/8" wrench, 7" overall length with slotted handle
marked 1/2 HW on one side and a raised diamond with a raised 'D" inside it on the other side.
TLC0109 What Is It Tool Very crude, possibly cast iron open-end wrench. Cross-section shape is oval with no markings.  One end is 3/4" but, the other end has a "stepped down" design to fit 5/8" and 3/8".
TLC0108 What Is It Tool This unusual 7/8" open end wrench has no markings and is painted black.
It is made of very thick (5/16") steel and is very stout considering its
length of about 5 1/4" overall.
TLC0107 What Is It Tool This tool is made of aluminum and measures 7 1/4” overall length with unusual,
detachable jaws that are spring loaded. The protruding tips of the jaws are beveled
and sharpened. There are no markings. Also note the curved "shield" feature on one side.
5/16/2016 Jerry
Pretty sure this one is a Nut Cracker. Probably several on E Bay for sale
5/17/2016 Jerry
1950s vintage metal nutcracker Texan/York hand nut sheller/cracker
tlc0106 what is it tool photo Heavy pliers with unusual jaw inserts that are about 9/16" wide/thick.
About 9 1/2” overall length and jaws are about 2 3/8" from pivot point for lots of leverage.  Upper jaw on pliers is marked Pat. Pend. and there is a very faint marking on the jaw insert that may be "Apr 25 86" ?

Anyone have any ideas ?
TLC0105 Tool These pliers are about 9” overall length, 2 5/8” width at end of handles with no markings.  The handles are light weight stock measuring 3/16" x 1/8" and end in thin, curved jaws at approx. 45 degree angle to handles. The pivot point is riveted and the action is spring loaded as shown in photos.

Does anyone know what this tool is used for?
4/15/2016 Norman
I have a similar tool but with straight jaws. I have used it as a heat sink in soldering and as a small clamp in gluing jobs.  I have also used in college chemical labs with curved jaws to hold glassware, etc.
TLC0104 TLC Tool This spanner is about 6” overall length, 2 ½” width and has no markings.
The four “teeth” are 3/16” wide and 1/16” deep with a 1 7/8” opening.

Does anyone know what is it used for ? 

Positively Identified
4/1/2016 Gene
TLC0104 is a plumbers spanner for installing and removing water filters. The filters are the size typically used for smaller point of use filter systems installed under kitchen sinks for removal of arsenic, iron and other undesirable stuff.. the device is used similarly to the strap wrench used on car oil filters. The filter housing has indentations that fit the prongs on the wrench. Newer ones are reversed.
TLC0103 Sand Feeder Tool Sand Feeder – 6 3/8” long; ½” hex on one end and 3/8" square on opposite end with flat driver.

Hope you can identify this little tool for us 
3/15/2016 Jose
It looks like an emergency tool to shut off the water and gas.
TLC0102 Photo What is it used for??

It’s Buffum Tool Co. No numbers or dates – We are familiar with the company but no idea of the use of this tool. It is 12 ½” long.

Can you help us ID it?

Positively Identified
1/15/2016 Jerry
The tool looks like a Horse Hoof Trimmer
1/15/2016 Kirk
"Climax" Auto Chain Repair Tool.
1/15/2016 Floyd
Used to clinch or actually bend the horse shoe nails to the hoof so the nails would not catch on debris usually the teamster hand or leg when harness the team.When bent a good smith would file it smooth, if tool is sharp it could be used to trim the hoof also.
1/15/2016 Dan
Hi, the Buffum tool is for replacing links on auto chains. Helps to have the catalog
1/8/2016 'BUS'
Although is similar to a horseshoe nail clenching tool, the exact tool is in a reprinted 1912 Buffum Tool Co. catalog as a "Climax" auto chain repair tool. Used to open and close Weed Auto Chains to remove and replace links.
An out of state visitor brought this unusual tool to the museum recently.

The cast aluminum base is about 9" long and 4 1/2" wide, and has the number 302 impressed. It features a 10" long handle and a cast iron horizontal "Grill-shaped" gripping / pressing area. (see photo taken from above looking down). Other photos are meant to show the beveled / pointed lower edges of horizontal bars.

Does anyone know how this tool was used ?